FTT fleet management solution

Why Fleet Management System?

One of the most important issues for fleet owners is the ability to monitor and measure the field performance of their fleet. The Fleet Management system (FMS), also known as In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), will enable a very accurate methods to achieve such goals.

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Live Tracking and Monitoring

FTT fleet management solution provide state of the art tracking and monitoring features. It can be used directly in dispatch and control rooms. Moreover advanced optional management by exception tools like journey management and hour-of-service are available on the same platform.

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Automatic Driver Identification
One of the challenges in fleet management is identifying who is driving the vehicle at each time. FTT Fleet Management solution automatically identify drivers using different options as per client needs.  This will allow the system to record trip and event data under driver name.

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Engine CAN data

Today, vehicles' Controller Area Network (CAN) bus provides wealth of vital information like speed, RPM, odometer, engine-hours, fuel consumption, coolant temperature...etc. Such data will allow the user to drive more value from his asset.

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Driver Behavior Data

FTT Fleet Management Solution provides detailed information about driver behavior which allow the user to identify at risk and safe drivers so correct actions can be taken in due time.

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Satellite Communication

For vehicles that goes outside the GSM network coverage with need to be tracked in such location, satellite option is available as add-on to FTT FMS. We are using state of the art Iridium network with top performance compared with other low data rate satellite networks.

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Mobile App

Field users can access the system from the mobile app to track and monitor their fleet. In addition, a mobile app is available to engage the drivers and handle tasks electronically which will enable customers to eliminate the paper work along with its associated management overhead.

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In-cab Navigation

Drivers do waste great deal of time trying to locate a new destination they are not familiar with. Our mobile data terminals will allow back-end office or dispatch to send jobs to drivers and MDT will guide them to use best route available to reach their destination  and send updates to dispatch till the job is done.

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Journey Management

This optional feature allows the user to safely plan and monitor active journeys. The module will assess journeys as per user policy, electronically approve journeys and monitor active journeys in real time. This tool had a proven track record as it enables management by exception and thus effective risk mitigation.

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Service Reminders

One of the challenges faced when trying to maintain fleets is getting accurate meter readings in due time so preventive maintenance can be done in the right time and costly repairs are avoided. We get the meter readings from reliable sources like CAN-bus, event when such data is not available, our OBC can provide accuracy within 3-6% error margins.  

in-cab camera photo
In-Cab Camera System

This system is connected to the onboard computer (OBC) of the fleet management solution and can be configured to automatically record and send short video clips when important events takes place. This will provide valuable tool to educate drivers on risky behavior like distraction from the road and wearing seat-belt. 

TPMS photo
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS enables our clients to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, avoid tyre related breakdowns and extend the life span of vehicle tyres. We use wireless solution with 6 years battery life that can monitor up to 6 axles and automatically identify trailers.

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KPI capture and Monitoring

capturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is vital step in optimizing and improving land transportation and logistics operations. FTT fleet management solution capture accurate KPIs which customers can rely on to take the right actions at the right time.